Send Email To Undisclosed Recipients In Outlook - E - mail tips and tricks

January 28, 2019 Category : Outlook
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Have you ever seen an email that said it was sent to “Undisclosed Recipients” because it didn’t reveal who the message was sent to? You can do this in Outlook and it’s a fairly simple trick that can make your mass emails seem either mysterious or more professional.

If you don’t want to share each email address with all the recipients, build an “Undisclosed Recipients” contact so that each recipient sees that address on the email. This shows every recipient that the email was not sent solely to them and effectively hides all the other addresses from each contact. The article will guide you how to send an email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook.

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How to send Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook simple.

Step 1: Get into the “Contacts” view by clicking “Contacts” in the Navigation Pane in Outlook 2007 and 2010. If you are using Outlook 2013, please click People at the bottom of Outlook main interface.

Step 2: Open the Contacts folder which you want to save the “undisclosed recipients” contact in.

Step 3: Then click “New Contact” under Home tab in Outlook 2010 and 2013.

Step 4: A new dialog window will appear. Enter in the “Full Name” as “Undisclosed Recipients” and in the section underneath enter in your own email address on the “E-mail” line.

How to send Emails to Undisclosed Recipients

Step 1: Go back to the “Mail” view by clicking “Mail” in the Navigation Pane.

Step 2: Create a new email message by clicking “New E-mail” under “Home” tab.

Step 3: In the Message window, type the letter of “u” in the “To” field, and then select the Undisclosed recipients from the auto complete list or click the To button to choose the Undisclosed recipients from the “Select Names: Contacts” dialog box.

Step 4: Push “OK” to add the recipient info to the message.

Step 5: Click the “Options > Bcc” to show the “Bcc” field if it is not displayed in the “Message” window, then click “Bcc” button to select the recipients you want to send email to from the Outlook contacts folder.

Step 6: Compose your email and then click “Send” button to send it.

The result will show that the message was sent to “Undisclosed Recipients”.

Note: If the email did not be received through Outlook and opened in other mail application by recipients, there will be the sender’s own email address showing in the To filed instead of the Undisclosed recipients.