Send Email To The Recipient Not Disclosed In Gmail

April 26, 2019 Category : Gmail
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When you put multiple addresses in the To line of an email sent from Gmail, every recipient sees not only your message content but also the other email addresses to which you send your message. Use the Bcc field, though, and you become an instant privacy hero. Any address entered in this field is hidden from all other recipients.

Sending email to undisclosed recipients in Gmail helps to ensure that people actually get your email and that it isn’t filtered out as chain emails to the junk folder.

Note: Each recipient listed in the Bcc field receives a copy of the email, but no one listed in the Bcc field can see the names of the other recipients, which protects everyone’s privacy. Nobody except you and the Bcc recipients know that they were sent a copy of the email. Their email addresses are not exposed.

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Benefits of Using Undisclosed Recipients In Gmail.

  • Protects your recipients from spammers
  • Avoids email filters so your recipient sees the email
  • Reduces junk mail
  • Privacy for the people who receive the email. Concealing their email address is a professional way to handle the privacy problems inherent in group emails.

How to send Email to the recipient not disclosed in Gmail

Step 1: Start a new message -> click “compose“.

Step 2: Type “Undisclosed recipients” in the “To” field < followed by your Gmail address and a closing >. For example, if your Gmail address is [email protected], you’d type “Undisclosed recipients” < [email protected]>.

Step 3: Click the “BCC” field.

Step 4: Type the email addresses of all intended recipients in the “Bcc” field. Separate the names with commas.

Step 5: Write the email in the body and the subject of your email as you always do.

Step 6: Once it is all written and formatted click “Send“.

Note: Send email to the recipient not disclosed in gmail, method cannot be used to send large mailings. According to Google, free Gmail is meant for personal use, not for bulk mailing. If you attempt to add the addresses of a large group of recipients in the Bcc field, the entire mailing may fail.

What happens when one of the Bcc recipients decides to reply to the email? Does a copy go to everyone in the Bcc field? The answer is no. Email addresses in the Bcc field are copies of the email only. If a recipient chooses to reply, he can only reply to addresses listed in the “To” and “Cc” fields. For this reason, Bcc is a great way to stop a reply-all chain before it starts.