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December 21, 2018 Category : Yahoo Mail
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Your Yahoo Mail account on your mobile device is lost or you are accidentally forgotten. But you do not know how to retrieve Yahoo Mail password. Do not worry this article will guide you how to retrieve Yahoo Mail password on mobile device easily.

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Reset Yahoo Mail password on mobile device

Step 1: Open Yahoo Mail. If Yahoo Mail opens to an inbox, you’re already logged into Yahoo Mail. This means that you can change your password without having to reset the old one.

Step 2: Click “Have a Yahoo account?” If on Android, tap the purple Yahoo Mail box near the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click “Trouble signing in?“.

Step 4: Enter a phone number or email address, type in your phone number or recovery email address. If you don’t know what your recovery options are, enter the email address for the Yahoo email address for which you’re trying to change the password. And Click “Continue“.

Step 5: Click “Yes, text me an Account Key“.

Step 6: Retrieve the verification code. And Enter the verification code.

This process will vary depending on whether you used your phone number or an email address:

  • Open your phone’s Messages app.
  • Email — Open your recovery email inbox.

Step 7: Click “Verify“, doing this will open your Yahoo Mail inbox.

Step 8: Change your password. While the Yahoo Mail app doesn’t give you an option to reset your forgotten password here, you can change the password as you normally would without having to know the old password. You have successfully reset your password.

With these simple steps you can reset your Yahoo Mail password easily. Wish you reset your password on Yahoo Mail successfully and login to normal account.