Reset Yahoo Mail Password On Computer - Yahoo Mail Tricks.

December 20, 2018 Category : Yahoo Mail
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If your Yahoo account was taken by someone or you forgot your Yahoo password and can not sign in to Yahoo Mail anymore? You are wondering how to recover Yahoo password. Do not worried! In this article, we will guide you in detail how to recover your Yahoo password easily.

What causes you to forget your Yahoo password?

  • You share your Yahoo account.
  • You regularly use the Internet outside the and do not leave the account after use.
  • Your computer catches keylog from some cracking software on the net.
  • Hacker stealing account directly from Yahoo.

Here we will guide you how to retrieve Yahoo Mail password with simple steps on computer

Steps 1: Click Difficulty signing in?

Steps 2: Enter your Yahoo account’s phone number. The phone number that you used to sign up for Yahoo.

You can enter it instead, if you have a recovery email address for Yahoo Mail

Steps 3: Click Continue.

Steps 4: Click Yes, text me an Account Key. Yahoo will send a code to your selected phone number.

Steps 5: Enter the Account Key. Type the Account Key code into the text box that’s in the middle of the “Verify” page.

Steps 6: Select your account. Click the account for which you want to change the password. This will log you into the selected account.

Note: If you only have one Yahoo account, you may not be prompted to do this.

Steps 7: Click Create a new password.

Steps 8: Enter your new password twice. Type your new password into the “New password” text box, then re-type it into the “Confirm password” text box. Then click Continue.

Steps 9: Click “Looks good” when prompted. Doing so will confirm that your password change was successful and return you to your Yahoo Mail inbox.

Note: In case you still do not remember the phone number and Email recovery, only the way you contact Yahoo or create a new yahoo account only. Wish you success!

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