Reply To Email In A Sample Text With The Quick Step Feature In Outlook.

January 8, 2019 Category : Outlook
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If you frequently reply to emails with similar content, saving the template for next use will save a lot of time. The article will guide you to respond to Email templates with a quick step in Outlook.

Although it’s impossible to reply emails with template in Outlook, you can create a quick step with the template content. Therefore, the template content will be added into the replying message automatically.

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How to reply to emails in a sample text with a simple quick step in Outlook.

Step 1: Click “Home“.

Step 2: Click “Create New” in the “Quick Steps” box.

Step 3: In the opening Edit Quick Step dialog box, follow these steps:

(1) Type a name for the new quick step in the “Name” box.
(2) Select the “Reply” option or “Reply All” option from the Actions drop down list.
(3) Click the linked text of “Show Options” to expand email options.

Step 4: Email options expands. Please type or copy the template content into the Text box, and click the “Finish” button. Now the new quick step is created and added in the Quick Steps box as below screenshot shown.

Step 5: For replying an email with the specified quick step, please select the email, and then click the new created quick step in the Quick Steps box on the Home tab.

This method can reply emails with plain template text only, and it does not support pictures, hyperlinks, text formatting, etc…

With the simple steps on the article show you how to reply to email in a sample text with the quick step feature in Outlook. You can easily operate on your Outlook account, wish you success!