Register The Google Calendar On The Outlook Desktop App

March 6, 2019 Category : Outlook
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Suppose you created multiple appointments and events in the Google Privacy Calendar, and now you want to import these appointments into Outlook, but you don’t know how to do it? What if I automatically sync Google calendar items to Outlook? This article will describe how to add or register Google Calendar to Outlook step by step.

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How to register the Google calendar on the Outlook Desktop app simply.

Step 1: Open the Google application and open the preferences menu by click “Settings and Sharing“.

Step 2: Under the heading “Integrate calendar” you will find the required URL address in iCal format. If you want to export the calendar for private purposes only, copy the URL under the name “Private address in iCal format“. If you have made your calendar public, you can alternatively select and copy the public address.

Step 3: Switch to your Outlook account. After you have set the calendar view select “Add calendar” and “From the Internet“.

Step 4: The “New Internet Calendar Subscription” window will appear, where you can now paste the previously copied iCal URL of your Google calendar before clicking “OK“.

Step 5: Before you confirm whether you want to subscribe to the calendar, you can make further configurations to the calendar.

Step 6: The Google calendar has been subscribed to with your Outlook account. You should now be able to see all current and future appointments from your Google calendar in Outlook.

With the steps on the article that guided you how to register Google calendar on simple Outlook Desktop application. You can do it yourself to create events in Outlook professionally. Wish you are succesful!