Mark all Emails On Gmail - Tips When Using Gmail.

December 27, 2018 Category : Gmail
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If you have a Gmail inbox with a full range of email categories that haven’t been opened or haven’t touched for a long time. You’ll probably have a hard time trying to check a new email. The following article will show you the simple steps that you can check Read for all Gmail emails in the mailbox. Quickly and conveniently.

This method does not require you to install or use any third-party applications to run your entire Gmail mail select program.

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Mark all emails on Gmail simply.

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account in

Step 2: Into the inbox.

Step 3: Click on “more” just right above the primary tab.

Step 4: Click on “Mark all as read“.

Step 5: If you have multiple unopened emails. A pop-up window will appear and ask you to confirm a large number of emails “Confirm Bulk Action”> Click this option to finish.

With very simple steps, you can mark all emails on Gmail, but you want to know which emails are important you must open each test email. Wish you are succesful!