Insert / Attach Inline Image On Outlook - E - mail tips and tricks

February 18, 2019 Category : Outlook
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You can insert, attach images in Outlook easily. Helping to send emails in your Oulook becomes simpler. The article will show you how to insert / attach inline images on Outlook.

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How to insert inline images on Outlook.

To add an image from your computer (or cloud storage appearing as a drive on your computer) into an email inline with Outlook

Step 1: Position the cursor where you want to put the picture or image.

Step 2: Open the Insert tab in the ribbon.

Step 3: Click Pictures in the Illustrations section.

Step 4: In the Insert Picture dialog box, please open the folder containing the image you will insert inline, select the image, and click the Insert button.

Step 5: Now the selected image is inserted inline and displayed as normal.

Step 6: Please compose your email and sent it.

Note: You can insert multiple pictures at once; highlight them while holding the “Ctrl” key.

If your image is larger than some 640×640 pixels, consider shrinking it to more handy proportions. Outlook will not warn you about large images or offer to decrease their size.

Attach inline images in Outlook

Sometimes, you would like to attach images in email body but not to display them. In this condition, you can attach images as icons in email body.

Step 1: In the composing email, please click: Insert > Attach File > Browse This PC.

Step 2: In the Insert Picture dialog box, open the folder containing the images you will attach in email body, select these images, and click the Insert button.

Step 3: Now the selected images are inserted as attachments in the Attachment Bar. Go ahead to click: Format Text > Rich Text.

Step 4: All attached images are moved from Attachment Bar to the email body and display as image icons.

Only with these simple steps, the article guide you how to insert / attach inline images on Outlook. You can do it to help you send Email via Outlook in the simplest way. Wish you are succesful!