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April 9, 2019 Category : Outlook
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As monitors get larger, the resolution increases; this keeps images crisp and sharp. Unfortunately, this increase in resolution results in smaller text on the screen. This may make it difficult to read the text in emails using the default font sizes. When the text is too small, increase the font size in Outlook.

To change the size of your font when reading email, use your browser’s zoom function or use the Immersive Reader. You can increase font size when reading mail in Outlook.

How to increase font size when reading mail in Outlook

When reading email, you can use your browser’s zoom function to make the text on your screen larger or smaller.

Note: Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Office 365.

Step 1: Double-click the message to open it in a separate window.

Step 2: Go to the “Message” tab.

Step 3: Select “Zoom“.

Step 4: Select the “Percent” up arrow to make text larger or select the “Percent” down arrow to make the text smaller.

Step 5: Click “OK“.

Note: When reading messages in the Reading pane, zoom in on an email with the zoom slider. Or, press Ctrl while turning the mouse wheel over the message text area to increase the font size.

Some emails specify the font in a way that cannot be changed. If you receive emails with fixed-size fonts, use a display lens such as the built-in Magnifier in Windows or the free Virtual Magnifying Glass application. Wish you success!

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