How To Way Recover Gmail Password Simple - Gmail Password Recovery.

December 17, 2018 Category : Gmail
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When you have forgotten your Gmail password . . . Gmail still knows it.

Change your Gmail password frequently, they said, and so you did. Now, of course, you remember the password you had last week or even last month. But the current Gmail password? Who knows besides Google?

The good news is that by going through a validation process, you can set a new Gmail password — say, last week’s — however, and regain access to your Google account.

Recover Gmail password the simplest

Step 1: Visit the link:

Step 2: Click on the line “Need help?”

Step 3: Gmail will ask you to choose one of the incident logins that you encountered. Click on the circle next to the line “I don’t know my password” and click Continue.

Step 4: Then appearing an Enter the email address box. Enter your Gmail account’s address in the box below the line E-mail address and click Continued.

Step 5: Click on “I don’t know

Step 6: Choose way of getting a verification code to your account via SMS or call. Having selected, click Continue.

Step 7: This time there will be a message containing a confirmation code of 6 numbers sent to your phone. Enter this code in the box “Enter that code here” and press Next

Step 8: You’ll be taken to the “Gmail password reset” window, click Reset password.

Step 9: Notification of successfully reset Gmail password.

Note: Can’t access this recovery option? Verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account.

Wish you successful Gmail password recovery!!