How To Sync Google And Outlook Calendars With Sync2

March 4, 2019 Category : Outlook
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You want to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Google Calendar. With the right setup, all the synchronizing can happen automatically and within an instant behind the scenes, without your moving a finger. The following article will guide you how to sync Google and Outlook calendar with Sync2 in the easiest way.

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Sync Google and Outlook calendars with Sync2 simply.

Step 1: Download the Sync2 from the official website.

Step 2: Install and run the program on your PC. The synchronization setup wizard will then offer you different options depending on which accounts you want to synchronize. You want to link Outlook and Google calendars, select the “Google Services” option.

Step 3: After you select the Google Services option. Here you log in as usual with your access data.

Step 4: After you logging in, Sync2 automatically links your Google account to your Outlook calendar.

Step 5: You now open your Outlook calendar, will find a new tab named “gSyncit” in the display bar.

Step 6: To add a new or additional Google calendar to your Outlook calendar, click on the green plus sign.

Step 7: Select the portal where your calendar is located to add the respective calendar to Outlook.

Step 8: Then you fill in the fields “Name,” “E-mail address,” and “Synchronization interval” in the options window. You use the interval to specify the intervals at which your calendar is to be updated.

Note: You can change these settings at any time.

Your Google calendar is now connected to your Outlook calendar. To test this, enter an appointment in your Google calendar. This appointment should also appear in your Outlook calendar shortly afterwards.

Only with these simple steps the article has guide you how to synchronize your Google and Outlook calendars with Sync2. Wish you are succesful!