How to set an important task in Gmail with Google Tasks - E - mail tips and tricks

February 13, 2020 Category : Gmail
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Google Tasks has been around for some time but recently it’s had a makeover and is now included in the side-panel of your everyday applications including Gmail, giving you a helping hand in making sure all of your to-dos are in Tasks.

You can now set a date and start time for your tasks and receive notifications, create subtasks and include any important notes.

Here’s how you can create a task ensuring you never miss a deadline:

  • Step 1: Open Gmail
  • Step 2: At the right-hand side click the Tasks icon
  • Step 3: To create a new task, click + Add a new task and then click the pencil to add in further information
  • Or to create a task using an existing email, open Tasks and then drag and drop your email into the Task box. You can then click on the pencil icon to add further details.

When you have completed your task, simply click on the Task icon and mark your task as complete.

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