How To Attach File And Insert Link Into Email Gmail

February 22, 2019 Category : Gmail
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Gmail is not just a basic mailing tool. Next to the message, you will want to send the file and insert the link to Gmail Email. If you want to send but don’t know how, you should consult the content below for more details.

How to attach files to Email on Gmail.

Step 1: You log into your Gmail by address

Step 2: Next, click the “Compose” button to compose a new message.

Step 3: Compose your email. Once you have confirmed the location of your file, write the email you intend to send to someone. Make sure they understand the context in which the file is being sent in.

Step 4: To attach a file from your computer or from Google Drive, click the “Attach files” icon at the bottom of the “New Message” form.

Step 5: Click on the location of the file you want to attach.

Step 6: After your attachment has finished uploading onto your email, click on the “Send” button. You have successfully attached a file onto an email!

Note: There is an attachment size limit in Gmail. Your attached files cannot have a total size of over 25 MB. That means a single file cannot be over 25 MB in size, or a group of files cannot add up to over 25 MB. Also, you cannot attach files with a .exe extension since this type of file may contain a virus. There are, however, multiple effective methods for sending large files outside of Gmail.

How to insert links to Email on Gmail.

You can also insert an email link or a URL into your email message. To insert a link, place your cursor in the text where you want the link to be and click the “Insert link” icon in the “Formatting Options” menu.

In the Text to display field, type the text you want to appear over the link.

Click the “OK” button when you are done. The hyperlink is inserted into your message.

The article has just introduced you how to attach files and insert links to Gmail Email. Currently, every 10 Email must have up to 2, 3 mail, including files or photos attached, showing how important this feature is. Therefore, the content of the article will be very useful in case you do not know how to do it. You should also consult create mail automatic replies in Gmail to improve your Email use skills.