How To Add Emoticons To Email On Gmail - E - mail tips and tricks.

February 25, 2019 Category : Gmail
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Now you can add any emoji from Google’s list of graphics directly to the body of the email. Gmail emoji look just like the emoji you’ll find on Android devices.

More than mere smileys, emoji have become so popular that new ones pop up every day. There are so many, in fact, that numerous emoji translators have been built to help you keep up. The article will guide you how to add emoticons to Email on Gmail easily.

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Add emoticons to Email on Gmail using a computer.

Step 1: Start a new message on Gmail your.

Step 2: Position the text cursor where you want the insert the Gmail emoticon. To add an emoji to your message, click the “Insert emoji” icon from the “Formatting options” menu. The “Emoji selection” box displays.

Step 3: Now click the desired emoji to insert it.

Step 4: Use the tabs at the top to browse different Gmail emoji categories.

Note: Keep in mind professional email guidelines if you’re sending a business message, as emoticons can come off as immature in the wrong context.

Add emoticons to Email on Gmail by phone.

To add emojis using the mobile web versions of Gmail and Gmail apps for iOS and Android, you can use the emoji keyboards available on iOS and on Android.

Step 1: Launch the Gmail app on your mobile phone and create a new message.

Step 2: Tap the emoji button to bring up the emoji keyboard.


Step 3: Click the emojis you want to add to your message. Send as usual.

With these simple steps the article has guide you how to add emoticons to Email on Gmail most specific. You can add emoticons when composing messages with Gmail so your messages become more special. Wish you are succesful!