How to add a unique contact on Gmail - E - mail tips and tricks

December 29, 2018 Category : Gmail
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Gmail contacts are an important aspect of Gmail accounts. It helps you organize your contacts scientifically so that your search is easy.

Not remembering, not storing someone’s email address in your personal Gmail account will sometimes make it hard to tell where this information is from. The user will send the wrong message to another email address.

To avoid these unnecessary problems, the article will show you how to add a single contact on Gmail in the simplest way.

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Add a single contact on Gmail in the simplest way.

Step 1: Open Gmail. Go to This will open your Gmail inbox if you’re already logged in.

If you aren’t already logged in, you’ll need to enter the account’s email address and password to continue.

Step 2: Click “Gmail“. A drop-down menu will appear. Then choose “Contacts

Step 3: Click “New Contact“. It’s in the upper-left side of the page. A new contact form will open.

Step 4: Enter a contact name and add contact details. Fill out as many or as few of the following fields as you like:

  • Email – Your contact’s email address.
  • Phone – Your contact’s phone number.
  • Address – Your contact’s home/work address.
  • Birthday – Your contact’s birthday.
  • URL – Your contact’s website…

Step 5: Click “Save“. This will save your contact’s details and add them to your contacts list.

The article helps you learn how to add a unique contact on Gmail. This is a simple, but extremely necessary measure in daily work, especially for those who often have to work through emails.