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April 12, 2019 Category : Yahoo Mail
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Yahoo and Gmail are two leading Webmail services nowadays. Many users have created the account in both of the email services to manage their clients who have distinct accounts. However, it can be a hassle in accessing each of your accounts every time to see the messages. No doubt, it wastes your valuable time.

If the User feel that Gmail is much effective than the Yahoo mail. Gmail offers a feature by which you can use Yahoo mail through Gmail. Setting up a Yahoo! Mail account in Gmail permits Gmail to download all recently arriving messages at your Yahoo! Mail address and permits you to send messages utilizing your Yahoo! Mail address right from Gmail.

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Access Yahoo Mail In Gmail

After you complete how to access Yahoo Mail in Gmail outlined below, your Yahoo email will show up in both your Yahoo and Gmail accounts as it’s received. You’ll also be able to send email using your Yahoo address from Gmail.

Note: This procedure works with Gmail for the web.

Step 1: Click the “Settings” tab in Gmail.

Step 2: Select “Settings” from the menu that shows up.

Step 3: Go to the “Accounts and Import” tab.

Step 4: Click “Add a mail account” from the “Check mail from other accounts” section.

Step 5: Type your Yahoo! Mail address in the pop-up window.

Step 6: Click “Next“.

Step 7: Gmail offers two options. Select “Link accounts with Gmailify” then select “Next“.

Note: The other option, Import emails from my other account (POP3), is destructive: It removes your email from Yahoo. Gmailify lets you manage your Yahoo account from either Yahoo Mail or from Gmail.

Step 8: The pop-up window transitions to a Yahoo Mail login screen. Add your username and password, then agree to the permissions that Gmail requires.

Step 9: Gmail’s pop-up window reappears advising you that “you’ve been Gmailified.” Click or tap the “Close” button.

Step 10: In the Settings > Accounts and Import menu, verify that the settings are configured as you intend. By default, Gmail replies from your Gmail address.

Step 11: Return to this screen at any time to unlink your Yahoo Mail account. When you unlink, you’ll choose to either keep or delete the imported mail from your Yahoo Mail account.

Note: That Gmail access requires a Yahoo! Mail Plus membership.

If you use Inbox for Google — Google’s other email service — simply log into your regular Gmail account and follow the steps above. Changes made in Gmail apply to Inbox for Google as well.