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January 21, 2019 Category : Yahoo Mail
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You are using both Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts, but Yahoo Mail is less user-friendly though sometimes there is still important mail sent via Yahoo Mail. You can only log in to Gmail, you will also receive email sent to your Yahoo Mail, which is very convenient to track both mail accounts without signing in both accounts.

The article will show you how to forward emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail with very simple and easy steps.

How to forward from Yahoo Mail to Gmail simple.

Step 1: Open your Yahoo inbox. Go to in your computer’s web browser.

Step 2: Switch back to the old version of Yahoo. (the newest version of Yahoo’s interface doesn’t have an email forwarding option in Settings).

  • Click “Settings” in the upper-right corner of the page (if you see a purple gear here instead, you’re already using the old version of Yahoo).
  • Click “Switch to classic Mail” in the bottom-left corner of the menu.
  • Click “Switch back to classic Mail” at the bottom of the window.
  • Wait for the page to reload.

Step 3: Select the “Settings“. Hover your mouse pointer over this purple gear in the upper-right corner of the inbox to prompt a drop-down menu to appear.

Step 4: Click “Settings“. Doing so will open the Settings window.

Step 5: Click “Accounts“.

Step 6: Select your Yahoo email address. Click the Yahoo email address that you want to forward to Gmail.

Step 7: Scroll down to the “Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere” heading.

  • Check the “Forward” box.
  • Scroll back down and enter your Gmail email address (make sure this isn’t a Gmail account that you have linked to your Yahoo account).
  • Click “Verify“.

Step 8: Click “Save“.

At this point, you can switch back to the new version of Yahoo by clicking the blue One click away from your upgraded mailbox button in the lower-left side of the Yahoo inbox.

Step 9: Verify your Gmail address. To do so:

  • Open your Gmail inbox and log in if necessary.
  • Open the “Please verify your email address” email from Yahoo (you may need to look in the Spam folder for this email).
  • Click the click here link in the email.
  • Sign into Yahoo if prompted.
  • Click the blue Verify button in the middle of the page

The article guide you how to forward from Yahoo Mail to Gmail in the simplest way you can easily do. Also you can see more articles set up “Out Of Office” reply emails in yahoo mail. Wish you are succesful!