Export Contacts From Outlook On Windows Desktop.

January 4, 2019 Category : Outlook
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You are using Outlook Mail but you do not know how to export contacts in your account, do not worry the article will guide you how to export Outlook contacts on Windows Desktop easily.

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How to export Outlook Mail contacts on Windows Desktop.

Step 1: Open Outlook.

Step 2: Click “File“. Doing so prompts a pop-out menu.

Step 3: Click “Open & Export“.

Step 4: Click “Import/Export“.

Step 5: Select “Export to a file“. And Click “Next“.

Step 6: Step 7: Click “Comma Separated Values“, then click “Next“. This will take you to the folder selection page

Step 7: Select the “Contacts” folder, then click Next. Click the “Contacts” folder in the “Select folder to export from” window. You may need to scroll up to find this option.

Note: Make sure this is the “Contacts” folder below your Outlook account name.

Step 8: Click “Browse“. Doing so opens a window.

Step 9: Enter your file’s name, then click “OK“. This will take you to the next page. And click “Next“. Click a folder in which you want to save your contacts. The desktop is usually a good place if you plan on uploading the contacts to another service immediately after you export them.

Step 10: Click “Finish“. Your contacts will begin exporting; when they finish, the progress window will close.

So you’re done exporting Outlook contacts on Windows Desktop. This way you can export contacts on Outlook easily to your computer, wish you success!