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March 22, 2019 Category : Yahoo Mail
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When you have more time, you may want to add additional information to the Contacts. Editing contact details on Yahoo Mail will help you and your recipients more easily manage your friends list. The following article will show you how to edit contact details on Yahoo Mail, you can consult and implement.

How to edit contact details on Yahoo Mail.

Step 1: To edit a contact select the contact

Step 2: Click the “edit details“.

Step 3: You can add telephone numbers, birthdays, web site addresses and more details but the minimum you need is the first name and email address.

Step 4: Click “Save“.

Deleting and Restoring Contacts on Yahoo Mail

Step 1: Go to contacts.

Step 2: Check the contacts you want to delete.

Step 3: Click the “delete” icon.

Step 4: Confirm.

Note: You should note that the contact doesn’t get completely deleted.

If you click on the deleted contacts link directly under the ALL contacts link you will see all of the contacts that are waiting to be permanently deleted.

If you click the check box you will get more more options in the menu.

You will have the option of “restoring the contact” or permanently deleting it.

Click “delete permanently” and then confirm to delete it, or “restore” to add it back to your contacts list.

Note: You cannot add a new contact with the same email address if one already exists in the deleted contacts folder.

Create and Use Yahoo Mail Contact Lists or Distribution Lists

A contact lists or distribution list as they are called in some email systems allow you to easily send email to a group of people.

To create a new list open your contacts, and you should see a very faint link to create a new list in the left column.

Click “new list” and edit the text with the name of your new list.

Click the check boxes next to the contacts, and then click “assign Contact” to add them to the list.

The article has taught you how to edit contact details on Yahoo Mail, delete and restore contacts on Yahoo Mail in the most specific way. You can make it easy to send and receive emails on Yahoo to your relatives and friends. Wish you are succesful!

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