Edit A Contacts In Gmail - Some Tips When Using Gmail.

December 26, 2018 Category : Gmail
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Google Gmail is one of the best ways to manage email addresses. You can save birthdays, sync contacts to multiple devices and even remove duplicate contacts, all for free.

With such necessity, it is important to edit contacts on Gmail when there is a change. But not everyone knows how to change contacts on Gmail, this article will show you how to edit contact information on Gmail easily.

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Edit contacts in simple Gmail

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account at the address: gmail.com.

Step 2: In the Google apps drop-down menu, select “Contacts“.

Step 3: Locate the contact you want to edit, then click “Edit Contact“.

Step 4: You can now make any changes you want to the contact, and then Click “Save” to save.

By default, when you send an email to a new address, Gmail adds the address to your contacts. You can then go to your contacts to edit the person’s information as needed.

With these simple steps you have finished edit the contact on your Gmail account, you need to edit the contact when there are changes to make it easier to send Mail to avoid unnecessary confusion.