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January 23, 2019 Category : Yahoo Mail
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The simplicity of sending the same message to more than one recipient is one of email’s biggest assets. In Yahoo Mail, you can make distributing emails even easier by creating a mailing list. It saves time and effort when choosing recipients. Creating a new mailing list is not that hard. You will manage it very easily. The article will guide you through creating a simple Yahoo Mail mailing list.

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How to create mailing lists in Yahoo Mail simple.

Step 1: Sign in to your Yahoo mail. Go to:

Step 2: Click the Contacts icon at the top of the Yahoo Mail’s navigation bar.

Step 3: Find a little window on the left bottom part called “New List”.

Step 4: Type the desired name for the list.

Step 5: Click on it to save. It will add a new line in your lists’ titles.

Note: Unfortunately, creating new lists is not available in Yahoo Mail Basic. You’ll need to switch to the full version temporarily.

How to add Members to a Yahoo Mail List.

Step 1: Click on All Contacts on the top. It will display all the contacts you have.

Step 2: Click on the mailing list to open it.

Note: If you want to send an email to only some of the recipients on the list, click the box in front of their names. If you want to send an email to all the recipients on the list, click the box at the top of the list.

Step 3: Click on “Assign to Lists” icon for the pull-down menu.

With the simple steps on the article, show you how to create mailing lists in Yahoo Mail. You can create lists to send mail to multiple users without spending time and effort. Wish you are succesful!