Block Unwanted Emails From Senders In Yahoo Mail.

March 14, 2019 Category : Yahoo Mail
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If you’re seeing emails from specific senders that you’d rather not see, Yahoo! provides a way to block them easily and never see another message from those senders again. In fact, Yahoo! Mail can block all mail from as many as 500 email addresses. All mail from these senders will be deleted automatically before you even see it.

Block Email from specific senders in Yahoo Mail.

Step 1: Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 2: Hover the mouse cursor over the settings gear icon or click that gear.

Step 3: Click on “Settings” in the resulting context menu.

Step 4: In the left pane, click on “Blocked Addresses“.

Step 5: Type the email address you no longer want to see any emails from in the “Add an address” field. Then click on “Block“.

Step 6: Click “Save” at the bottom left.

Note: Once you’ve added a contact to your blocked list, you won’t receive any more messages from that address. You can always unblock a person by selecting their name from the list and click “Remove” at the right.

Block Email from specific senders in Yahoo Mail basic.

Step 1: Ensure that you have selected the “Options” option in the Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar dropdown menu that is located next to the name of your account and is found at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Click on “Go“.

Step 3: Under the Advanced Options section, open the “Blocked Addresses” category.

Step 4: In the “Add an address” field, type in the email address you want to add to your email account’s list of blocked email addresses.

Step 5: Click on +.

The exact set of steps you need to go through in order to populate your list of blocked addresses on Yahoo! Mail varies slightly depending on whether you’re using the standard desktop Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Basic, but the end result of both sets of steps is the same.

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