Attach Large Files On Outlook With OneDrive - E - mail tips and tricks

March 12, 2019 Category : Outlook
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To send large files via Outlook, you must download email attachments to the file storage and sharing service. Email recipients will receive a link to download attachments, allowing you to send attachments up to GB in size.

The following article will guide you how to attach large size Outlook Email files with OneDrive service.

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How to attach large files on Outlook with OneDrive.

Microsoft has beaten Google by integrating OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) for Outlook 2016 and Onedrive is seamlessly connected with Office and Office Online applications.

Step 1: When you try to attach one or more files that are over 33MB in size, will prompt you to upload the files to your OneDrive account. If you follow this prompt, the file gets uploaded to the OneDrive Email attachments folder. The recipient will receive a link to the file instead of the file. You can also share a file from OneDrive with a limit of 2GB.

Step 2: The Microsoft account used to log in to will automatically log into OneDrive. Upload large files to your OneDrive account. To access OneDrive, click the paperclip icon and select your file.

Step 3: Click “Share as OneDrive” or “Attach as a Copy“.

Step 4: Once the file gets uploaded, choose if people can edit the file or only view it. Select Change permissions and decide what you want to do with a file you just shared. There are two options you can choose from.

  • Recipient can view: Others can copy or download your file without signing in.
  • Recipient can edit: Others can edit, add or delete files in a shared folder.

When you want to send large files via Outlook email, you should rely on secure, dedicated cloud storage and conversion tools like the OneDrive service. With just a few simple steps the article has guide you how to attach large files to Outlook with OneDrive. You can make it easy to send large files on your Outlook. Wish you are succesful!