Add A Gmail Account Using The Gmail Application On Iphone.

February 14, 2019 Category : Gmail
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Gmail is Google’s free web-based email service. With this application, users only need to have an Internet connection to be able to send and receive mail to other users anywhere, anytime. If you are using an iPhone, the following article will show you how to set up Gmail on your iPhone phone in the simplest way.

How to add a Gmail account using the Gmail application on Iphone.

Step 1: Open the App Store on Iphone.

Step 2: Click “Search” in the bottom-right part of the screen. Then click the “Search” field at the top of the screen and begin typing “Gmail“.

Step 3: Choose an app. Both Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are official Google apps that allow you to send and receive Gmail messages on your iPhone. Click “Get“, when the button label changes to “Install“, click it again. An app icon has been added to your home screen.

Step 4: Click “Open“.

Step 5: Click “Allow“. Permits the app to send you notifications when you receive email.

If you are using the Inbox app instead of the Gmail app, it will ask you to sign in first before it asks you to allow notifications.

You can change these settings by opening your Settings, scrolling down and tapping Notifications, then tapping Gmail or Inbox.

Step 6: Click “Sign in“.

Step 7: Add your Gmail account. If you see it in the “Accounts” list, slide your account to the “On“.

If your account isn’t listed, tap + Add account at the bottom of the list. Then enter your Gmail address, click “Next“, enter your password, and then click “Next“.

Then click “Done“. It’s in the upper-left corner of the screen. Now you’ve set up your Gmail account on your iPhone using one of the official Google apps.

You will have to use the Gmail application, not the default Mail application of the iPhone. For example, when sending certain images, you can open the image in Photos (photos), click the Share button to share the image and click Mail.

However, you can use the Gmail application to send mail. Open the Gmail application, then click to compose a new message and attach the image you want to send to the email.

Just a few simple steps on the article guide you how to add a Gmail account using the Gmail application on iPhone. You can do it yourself easily, in addition you can see more how to add a gmail account to the apple mail app on iphone. Wishing you success!